Prison Administration

How long to spoil in prison?

– Six years. I was released prematurely. When I revoked my neighbor’s authority, she began to disgust me. Called the prison and complained that I was threatening her at night. Complaints were written every three to four months, including to the Prisons Administration. From the beginning, they believed in the Neighbor, but I immediately wrote a complaint about slander and slander. They wrote to me that they had had upbringing talks with the Neighbor and that no harm had been done. When Liene found out that I was about to be released early, she wrote to the police to assure her that I could not be released. Had gone to the probation service so I would not be released. Although the probation service, when I was visited in prison, said that everything was fine and I could be put out, the court had the opposite opinion. The prison administration was also against.