Homosexual Relationships

Today, we talk a lot in society about tolerance for homosexuals, emphasizing that a difference in sexual desire is not extraordinary and is even a logical part of nature. Because humans are by no means the only living creatures on earth who also have homosexual relationships. We talk very little about asexual people who are not interested in sex and their drive to continue their family is underdeveloped. Maybe we’re just laughing when we read in a newspaper that in France, a wife has tried compensation of 10 thousand euros from her husband, who did not sexually satisfy her during marriage.

We have come to believe that monogamous relations are the most correct from the point of view of public interests and morals. Although we can clearly see for ourselves that this is not the case in real life. Moreover, there is complete hypocrisy: it is accepted (and often as a feat described in the yellow press) that a husband without a legitimate wife has a lover or loved children born out of wedlock. But God does not give if a man in good faith wants to give these women the rights and status granted to marriage, if he wants to recognize children as legal descendants! Public opinion is starting to lament Sharia! In the meantime, we have so many divorced families, ‘serial monogamies’, single mothers – and children who grow up without a father as their pet, for their role model, I would even dare to mention this terrible word – their authority. Desperate adherence to the dogma that man can only be a monogamous,