Reveals Discrepancies

The young actress Dārta Daneviča can be seen on the stage of the Daile Theater in various roles, but she shows herself most vividly in the play “The Insane Zelda”, playing the role of Zelda Fijgerald. Since her appearance at the Daile Theater in 2012, the actress has increasingly earned the recognition of spectators and also critics, she has also received the title of the most stylish actress of the year at the “Fashion and Style Award” presentation ceremony. It turns out that the life of the young star on the walls of the theater is not so rosy. The actress announced this openly via the social network late Tuesday night. “If I don’t work at Daile Theater next season, you know that the reason is called Inita Dzelme. This time her threats and llamas sounded serious, “Daneviča wrote. The recording was made shortly before the two took the stage in the show “The Night Is Not Over Yet”, in which Daneviča plays secretary Sandra, but Dzelme plays Laura.