Peter Yagudin

On the ferry, she met Peter Yagudin, a very rich, energetic and attractive man who fell in love with him at first sight. After a night together at the restaurant, learning that Yagudin lives in a city by the sea with a variety of real estate, Cynthia has accepted Yagudin’s invitation to visit his hometown and stay at the Peterson Hotel. Cynthia likes this hotel right away, everything shows that this is exactly the property that her rich Swedish client dreams of. Now we just have to figure out how to get this property. Vanda, on the other hand, has a rather harsh opinion of a mother who is not shy to flirt and use both men to carry out her intentions. Will Cynthia manage to get a Peterson hotel? And which of the men will she choose – Yagudina, Česlav or maybe a third?

Meet Vanda’s mother Cynthia on April 19 at 15:15 or at the usual time 20:20 in the series UgunsGreks TV3! And at any time convenient for you.

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