Rehabilitation Course

Kristaps took the second rehabilitation course in the autumn, then his ability to concentrate also improved, the boy started to grab things, turn around in bed, sit in a wheelchair independently. For the time being, we still use seat belts while sitting in the positioning chair.

In order for Kristaps to improve his health, please donate as much as possible to everyone. Doctors in Slovakia promise that Kristaps will also be able to walk if he completes several rehabilitation courses, so this year also a 3-week rehabilitation course costs 4800EUR. As Kristaps also starts to pronounce sounds, a dolphin therapy course of 1200 eur is also needed. In Latvia, Kristaps is regularly taken to massages, physiotherapy (gymnastics), horse therapy, as well as to an occupational therapist. Due to the improvement of his health condition, Kristaps has also started kindergarten this school year, where a speech therapist and a physiotherapist work with children on a daily basis. We also work regularly with the child at home to have the result. In the autumn, a rehabilitation course was also attended in Latvia, which was paid for by the state and we say the biggest thanks for that. ”