TV Star

On October 16, the Riga City Construction Board has received a complaint from residents that the premises of the Akvalande water complex are in an unsatisfactory condition. Unfortunately, we had to conclude that this application was justified, because we found that several structures have quite strong corrosion, ” says Inguss Vircavs, the head of the construction board.

The most disgusting, scratched, snorted. Artuss Neighbor is a TV star
Well yes .. if the government presents the country, now we are a real fool’s state :). I am really sorry that the Neighbor does not know the basics of courtesy. Probably the next thing we can be proud of is that he will start shouting out loud at a national reception that the passenger next door (definitely a high-ranking official) was shoving and asking if anyone else has heard it. After that, it will be possible to give interviews for a long time, how the evil scapegoat from the neighboring country has been exposed. If Neighbor had consulted a smart person or just read a book on etiquette before reprimanding, he would have known that he could still unbutton his jacket while sitting.