Ketas Caviar

The so-called ketas caviar has been obtained from ketchups for a long time , and relatively large-grained trout caviar and fine-grained myrrh caviar are also popular. Salmon caviar is also called red caviar . Live or newly “fallen” salmon roe is used to make this caviar.

Grain caviar is also made from salmon caviar. The size of each grain of cetaceans is 5-7 mm. As ketchup caviar has the largest grains with a soft elastic shell, their price is also traditionally higher. They can range in color from amber to dark orange. Humpback caviar is slightly smaller than ketchup caviar. Humpback salmon caviar has a mild aroma and a slight taste of caviar, and many experts say that this type of caviar is the best. Salmon caviar contains a large amount of saturated Omega 3 fatty acids.