Andris Berzns

The trial is now underway.

– It’s a divorce case. The application was made by Andris, although we agreed not to divorce, there is even a witness to it. If you read this application, it seems that a person as bad as me cannot exist at all.

– Andris Bērziņš has mentioned 11 reasons to divorce Lenvija Sīle. For example: “After my 60th birthday, my wife led me to a heart attack.” So what did you do to him ?!

– First of all, his heart attack, as he himself told me, is older. Andris drank on the medicine injected in Straupe and was not persuaded to leave and cleanse the body. He drank for at least a week after his birthday – he had two large bottles of plastic with vodka. Drank at the table, slept … Did I hear him then? In addition, he has forgotten that our godson also lived with us at that time, who saw it all. After this raft, Andris ended up in a narcology center, where he was taken by a business colleague.