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It should be noted that this place is again on the conscience of road maintenance. There are no road signs in this place that the second lane is going straight and to the left, and there are no arrow paintings on the asphalt. The only messenger is the short continuous line of the double band. Consequently, many drivers cannot even imagine that left maneuvering is allowed here.

My son was imprisoned for 2 months for driving under the influence of alcohol (2x) and for some hours not worked for the state. The boy drank beer, rode a bike, didn’t bother anyone, and re, moderately closed type prison is guaranteed! But here the murderer, the sadist, who first scoffed at the girl and then murdered another in cold blood, walks on her feet! But it is already Latvia – the simpler a person is, the more they have to suffer, but this is how someone, whose butt desperately guards, feels like heroes! I don’t understand how he himself can live so peacefully, doesn’t this “man” really have a conscience? That is why we need to help this family so that such surrogates do not walk around this land! His shame is already recorded in his feud! Maybe we can collect signatures online,