Nitrogenous Substances

What is the secret to such effects on the human body? The answer is quite versatile, which makes you pay attention not only to what is found in the deer verses, but also to listen to the well-known saying – “You are what you eat”. Articles are a unique substance that has conquered scientific opinion, is effective, safe and, just as importantly, a natural alternative to medicines. Concentrations of biologically active substances and low levels of harmful impurities determined by the pure and biologically active nature of Yakutia were detected. The flora of Yakutia is adapted to extreme natural conditions. The plants have a very high biological activity and are the ones that are used in the daily diet of reindeer walking outside Yakutia. They contain large amounts of vitamins, elevated amounts of nitrogenous substances, proteins, soluble carbohydrates, polysaccharides, alkaloids, saponins,