Saeima Secretary

The current Saeima secretary has decided to cut a slap for the woman, but nothing good has come of it either: The wound from the hard blow and the sharp edges of the handset was very deep, and a lot of blood flowed from it, covering almost the whole face. ”

In the end, however, the police arrived, but Rasnačs, in his own sense, acted in a truly chivalrous way: unworthy. ”

However, as indicated in the book, Rasnača’s colleagues in the Saeima have regularly made poisonous remarks about this event in the coming years. “How can I comment on Mr. Rasnača’s statements in several newspapers that the People’s Party deputies had tried to take out some materials and brought them out. I can’t comment on that, because obviously, if a wife is regularly beaten with wet rhubarb stalks, then not only does it appear, ”- said, for example, Alexander Kirstein.

Dzintars Rasnačs is currently 45 years old, he is married for the second time (with journalist Antras Krastiņš). There are three children in the family. Dzintars has already grown a daughter from her first marriage.