Gorgeous Children

However, the history of the program is much richer – for some time it was the only original program for preschool and junior class children in Latvia, it has had more than 500 series on LTV1, it has gained a stable and reliable audience, who are waiting to meet their characters again.

It should be noted that the program has been awarded a prize for 2007/2008. The best debut of the season on Latvian Television, the popularity of the program is enhanced by the composition “What here? I am here!”, created by the group “Hospital Street”. The costumes for the show have been created by costume artist Kristīne Jurjāne, who has created costumes for several gorgeous children‘s performances. Meanwhile, the title of the show itself is “Who’s here? I’m here!” has become a play on words, admits Irēne Grūzīte, the author of the idea and executive producer of the editorial board of the Educational and Children’s Programs of the LTV Program Department.