The right girl avoided right enough – right for the moment, but not at all. Because, of course, she didn’t know our Einar. She said briefly and clearly that she was innocent and would only do so with the person she was going to marry. It is really interesting that our Einars, although always ready to talk to everyone and promise everything that is not needed at some point, because how can you not promise, did not talk about marriage.

Nothing more happened, but for Einar she turned into a piece of gold – as has always been the case with everything he can’t get now and now, and right away. For him in general, everything, as far as I can tell, exists only until it is obtained, or until it is clear that nothing will happen. If something can’t be done right away, but there is hope and self-confidence and no one will hit you with the swath, – oh, then it just starts.