Martins Egliens

Since I used to work in this shelter as a volunteer volunteer – I lead to drag dogs, the conversation was not long for us, because I am a known person there. I announce that I will adopt Laumiņa to my home! I want to emphasize that this event in my and Pixie’s life coincided with Christmas. The pixie is really the embodiment of love, all the time, as I sit down, it wraps around my lap. She really likes caresses, but when they are interrupted, the kitten shakes her head to keep caressing. I have adjusted the toys to her three legs, the toys rolling on the floor are not suitable for her, because she cannot play with them without the missing support leg. However, she likes to play lying on her back like an infant, in a crib with moving toys above her eyes. May the people have a good mind and peace on earth!
Actor Mārtiņš Egliens fights hard for health; performances do not play for six months