Real Satisfaction

It is a real satisfaction that for 10 years the show has become an integral and favorite part of the holiday mornings for many young viewers to enjoy, educate, experiment, draw, listen to stories and legends together with Pukša, Lupe, Konstantin and Vari. , there have even been cases when I had to film in the “Panorama” studio.One of our basics is that we have never artificially tried to be beautiful and perfect – all events are based on the ability to live together.We are simple and sincere. Everything positive is possible together with a strong, creative, reliable and willing to work team, “admits I. Grūzīte.

So what are the heroes of “Who’s Here? I’m Here”:


A societal researcher and traveler who has experienced different peoples and cultures, knows an infinite number of stories and legends. He has a plastic machine glued to his back, the tip of which has been scratched off (hence his name). Everything in his room is a sign of travel – he sleeps in a hammock and the room has a large travel chest that holds absolutely everything necessary for life, as well as a huge globe so that he can show everyone where he has already been.