Immature Caviar

It is worth remembering that…
If the red caviar looks duller or yellower than usual, then most likely they are ripe and not very high quality.
For the caviar to be truly delicious, the right degree of maturity of the eggs is very important. Immature caviar is as hard as rubber, while ripe caviar is too soft and slightly stretchy.
The caviar, which tastes bitter, has begun to break down by breaking down fat.
If the caviar tastes like water grass or mud, the growing conditions of the fish are to blame.
Caviar, which has a sour taste, sliced ​​with too hot brine.
Good quality caviar is not over-salted, not stuck or dried, they are smooth and healthy (a very small proportion of torn caviar is allowed in the box). No liquid should have accumulated at the bottom of the box.
If the caviar is packed in a metal box, it can be checked by shaking it slightly: if it is felt that the contents of the box are moving inside, there is obviously too much liquid.
It is better to choose those caviar packed in a clear glass container, where the contents are clearly visible.
To prevent damage to the eggs, the box should be kept in the refrigerator after opening and used within a week.
It is not advisable to store eggs in the refrigerator of the home refrigerator.