Controversial News

Controversial news about the victims. 129 people were killed and 383 injured, 99 of whom are in critical condition, on Saturday night.
In Paris on Friday evening, 13 November 2015, there were simultaneous shootings and explosions in six places. It is currently reported that around 153 people have died, but unfortunately, the number of deaths is constantly being supplemented with unpleasant news.

Eight terrorists have been shot and blown up. One of the dead terrorists, according to CNN, was a resident of Paris. The Organization of the Islamic State has said: this is September 11 in France and “it’s for you to intervene in the Syrian war.”

There are both Parisians and tourists among the dead and victims – see the situation on the streets of Paris in the photo gallery.

Terrorists killed 112 people on Saturday night at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris.