Andreas Lubics

Andreas Lubics, a pilot who caused the plane crash in the Alps, hid a sick note from his employers, which also covered the day of the tragedy. Investigators have discovered it by searching his place of residence – reports the portal

It is not officially said what illness it was, but German media reports that the man suffered from depression and recently experienced private life. Namely, he was recently abandoned by his girlfriend, whom the pilot had survived a lot, so he had chosen to commit suicide, but it was too cowardly to do it alone, the German media reported. Journalists also mention the fact that the young man had major mental problems, because after practical training in the United States, he was declared unfit to fly and was treated for depression for a year and a half.

Lubicam was 28 years old and had psychological health problems from time to time. You can see this cold-blooded killer in the photo gallery.