Intars Reshetin

The dissolution of the marriage of actor and director Intars Reshetin has already been widely reported. It turns out he has been starting a new and serious relationship for some time.

The magazine Kas Jauns reports that Rešetins left the family house in Bergi and started living in the center of Riga with his new lover – Elīna Rasmanis.

The 37-year-old actor’s girlfriend is the director of BTA’s Marketing and Public Relations Department and is seven years younger. As you know, Rešetina’s marriage broke down this summer and in a relationship with the fitness trainer, the former Miss Latvia Zanda Zariņa-Rešetina, he has two daughters – 11-year-old Elīza Marija and five-year-old Greta Marija. Meanwhile, people are rumored to say that Rechetin’s marriage is likely to have broken down because of Intars’ own side steps.