Valery Maligin

We have already reported disagreements in the family of millionaire Valery Maligin and his wife Elina Dzelme-Maligina. The magazine Kas Jauns reports that the family is now divided and the divorce lawsuit is topical.

Actress and artist Elīna Maligina lives in Austria, where she expresses herself. About her relationship with her husband, she says, “I just had enough.”

Elīna has not been in Latvia for several months. He lives in Austria with his daughter Hannu and says that he is not even going to return home. During the conversation, she also admits that the relationship with the millionaire Valery Maligin is over. “I just had enough. I say either good or nothing about my ex-men. And I also say only good about my second husband, despite all the likes, troubles and things that happen in life.” “I’m grateful to Valery that I had this opportunity,” says the scandalous actress, who does not want to reveal whether the marriage has already been officially divorced. Regarding the previously expressed conflict, the artist points out that everything has been resolved and the nation has no cause for concern: “The nation can sleep peacefully, everything is in order.”