Daile Theater

Intra Rešetins, an actor at the Daile Theater and body, after the announcement of her divorce from her wife, fitness trainer and winner of the Miss Latvia 2002 title, told Zanda Zariņa-Rešetina, in a conversation with the magazine Vakara Ziņas, that she was indifferent to her life.

“I see what I see. I’m not afraid to be frank. I’m middle-aged and I have everything behind me for the most part. Life is life. And we only live it once, and I have always been tired of drivers and untrue people. Just look at the average statistics for a man in Latvia. I am a full 37 years old. That’s all, “the actor told the magazine.

It has already been reported that the magazine “Kas Jauns” reported – Rešetins does not hide from his friends and colleagues that the 12-year relationship has broken down. The actor has not been wearing a wedding ring since July, which Rethetin’s most prominent followers and talent lovers have noticed in his published photos on social networks.