Kas Jauns

The magazine Kas Jauns reports that the singer Dzintars Čīča has surprised his admirers again in recent years and achieved success, which has created instability in his marriage. The musician is divorced with 29-year-old Sanita Marcinkēvičs.

Chichi confirms that his relationship with Sanita’s beloved woman has broken down. He is currently still working in Great Britain, sometimes coming to Latvia to record music. Although last year was successful, a lot was achieved in the field of music, all this diverted him from his personal life.

The couple agreed that the musician’s lifestyle disrupted the relationship, so they decided to divorce. It was not being at home on weekends, but Sanita is busy on weekdays, that helped the two move away from each other. Exactly the TV show Sounds seen during Chichea felt physically and morally exhausted, exhausted. There are currently no plans for a new relationship. Dzintars Čīčs is 24 years old. He started living with Sanita in 2016 – the beloved has a 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Title image from Nra.lv.