About the kitten: call him Laumiņa. When I got home from work, as usual, I went to the news portal, where I suddenly came across the article “sad story about a kitten”, which people had noticed in a yard. She has only three legs, missing the front right leg up to the torso. People had thought that she had been taken out for a walk in the yard as she ran to and followed the people, so it had been going on for several days until the people realized that the kitten had been thrown out into the street and was running to the people asking to be taken home. Responsive people took him to the shelter “Good Houses” in Jugla.

As I read this post, I realized that it was my hour to make a happy adoption of a kitten at home. We have already talked to Mrs and I several times about the possibility of taking a coon to take home again, because the last one was the rabbit Brunitis, who died several years ago. Our decision was taken instantly and unanimously! That same evening I called the shelter and asked about Laumiņa, it turns out that he has been in the shelter for 2 months already, several people were interested in him by phone, but no one had ever arrived.