Conflict Escalated

And then the conflict escalated?

– She didn’t listen to me. In 2010, I also gave her a power of attorney for the apartment so that she can rent, pay for utilities. She rented an apartment, but did not pay for utilities at all. A huge debt was accumulated. When the relationship was shattered, the forest was cut down, and she wanted to sell the property, but she complained that no one was paying anything, I realized that it was another fairy tale. I withdrew my mandate in July without waiting for her at all. She was very angry about it, because I actually thwarted her future plans. She also wanted to sell the sawn property. I asked to send me an accounting statement of all income, expenses for all years. She suddenly demanded that I repay her the 30,000 she had allegedly lent on a fictitious contract. I didn’t expect her to be so shameless. Will ask you to give back what you never gave me.