Rezekne Green Hills

A young man from the Rezekne Green Hills Choir – Lauris Komuls – died at the hospital in Riga, yesterday, July 20, 2015, for the treatment of which public donations were collected and interceptions were organized in the church, the portal reports.

Unfortunately, a few weeks after the water injury, his life is dead. Everyone who has known the young people is sad about the tragedy. Friends post pictures on social networks and write farewell words.

At the beginning of the month, the portal published a call from Laura’s brother Reinis Komulis to help: “A tragedy has taken place in the family and you, friends and acquaintances need help. Lauris, jumping in the water, has broken the cervical vertebrae and damaged his spinal cord and is currently in the hospital, he is in poor health. The operation was successful, but your help is needed. I am very happy to see how responsive my friends and acquaintances are and my sympathy for my brother. He gets better, but now he will definitely need rehabilitation and much more, which will cause big financial expenses. I understand that money will be very necessary for Laura’s recovery process. Many thanks in advance to everyone for their support in this difficult situation! ”