Definitely Beautiful

– You said you got married after a year of friendship. The wedding was definitely beautiful. Although … Here is what Andris Bērziņš writes in his divorce application: “Already on the second day after the wedding, Sīle claimed to be divorced from me and fled to the forest.”

– There was a whole scandal. Andris, having visited Estonia with his cousin, had lived with a woman. It was unknown which of them was the real father. In about five months, when nothing could be done, the woman came to Latvia. I had to explain to him because Andris didn’t talk. And in the end, the Estonian cursed me. It happened before our wedding. A telegram came to our wedding – as if from Andrew’s son. Our father, perceiving this telegram as a joke, read it at the table. Then I also fled – as Andris rightly mentioned in the application. It was a deep shock to me. After that it went all the way … Andris announced that I have been cheated by how many women there are. I said, then we’re divorcing. However, he asked not to do so. Then there was Andris’ fall on the stage in the show Dream on a summer night … Then there is a long process of recovery. Then Mary was born. And it was a really beautiful time, especially the beginning. So I wonder if he is telling a novel for 30 years .