Schoolgirl’s Phone

Why didn’t it shine? I do not want to say that we would have listened to a schoolgirl’s phone conversations or perhaps read her SMS lists, but the fact was that she had immediately and clearly told her in a very close circle that she was, of course, nice, interesting, even peaceful, but also just scary. I remember the exact saying was that it doesn’t seem so crazy on TV, but in person, the appearance scares me.

And the second thing I had noticed myself was that Einar, in spite of all that she does not know how many formal marriages and cohabitation, is the desperate gaze of men who, at all costs, desperately want to settle their private lives, get married, create children and live happily, but on condition that a woman, figuratively speaking, is always ready to take off her boots, wash her feet and still admire absolutely everything she does.

And this girl, in spite of her seventeen years, had recorded it completely accurately and even with some regret against this poor man, she had diagnosed her – that she would not succeed for a long time, because something in it is that everything usually goes away, although for a man it would be, by and large, no fault. I probably want to make some effort. Because those men usually also marry like such traffic lights – this desperate time comes, and marry the one who has a lot less normal connection at hand. That’s how she explained it.