Dance Festival

Student song and dance festival in a month. This holiday has always been popular, as evidenced by the fact that tickets for several concerts were sold out within a few hours. However, ticket buyers include not only real folk art fans, but also speculators who are ready to settle down for a children’s holiday event.
Several spectators have turned to the show Bez Tabu about the fact that tickets to the School Song and Dance Festival have not only been redeemed, but are offered by speculators. So, despite the restrictions on buying tickets, nimble workers have noticed that they are buying enough tickets to be profitable enough to speculate. This is also evidenced by the fact that many parents of students who wanted to watch children’s performances, unfortunately, can no longer get tickets.

Besides Taboo, they tried to find out whether the speculators really offer Song Festival tickets. And indeed – Without Taboo, a journalist meets with speculators and films it all with a hidden camera.