Police Department

I hurried to the tram, I just looked to the left, I couldn’t look to the right. And that moment happened very fast .. I just closed my eyes and it was already a blow, “Renate remembers the events on the day she was hit by a car. That was the beginning of 17 – year – old Renate ‘s story when she was hit by a car last December.

“I was born in a T-shirt. I had to sew an elbow, there were a lot of bruises and concussions, ”says Renāte about the injuries.

Renata was found guilty by the police of this accident and a written warning was issued to her.

Ansis Pumpurs, Deputy Head of the State Police Order Police Department, admitted that the girl was to blame for the accident, but she also suffered the most. “Since she is still a minor, without a steady income. Well, it is not our goal to punish a person and collect any fines,” Pumpurs justifies the appropriate warning.

The scars healed, the warning was forgotten until May came this year, when Renate received a letter from the insurance company Balta. “I had a show with the choir that day. My mother called and said that sad things – a letter has arrived from the insurance company Balta that I have to pay almost 2,500 euros for the repair of the car, ”says Renāte.

“The amount is adequate (..), the newer the car, the higher the repair costs,” explains Linda Juhna, Head of the White Personal Insurance Claims Department.

Renate can object to this: “It seemed to me that a person’s life is much, much more valuable than a car. That a person who is hit by a car still has to pay.” Juhna points out, however, that this is a common practice in the world, and the person who has caused material damage is forced to compensate for it.

Renate, without an accident and a fine, had another great misfortune. “My mother was diagnosed with cancer, and at that moment I was very disappointed in people. I don’t think people can do that … ”Renāte does not hide her emotions.

However, the insurer is adamant – the fine will have to pay.