Biological Diversity

Realizing that the healing properties of the Reindeer verses are due to the untouched nature in which they live, the question inadvertently arises – why the world needed to pour asphalt into a place where sown grain could have germinated. which appears when it provides us with support in solving health problems. Everything has been taken over by the industrial boom, car noise, the hustle and bustle of the working day and the clatter of computer keys. Yakutia’s reindeer verses, which have entered our daily rush as a healer and anti-stress agent, make us think of completely different values. Aside from the hustle and bustle of supermarkets and the roar of tires on the streets, the power of nature touches the instinct of survival. The world of Yakutia animals is able to survive both +40 and -70 – elk, reindeer, Siberian deer, chubuki or mountain rams, deer, white and brown bears, wolves, lynxes, polar foxes and others. They live in one of the few areas of the world where untouched lands have survived, or wild expanses of nature with a rich diversity of northern biological diversity.