Santa Claus

The country’s main Santa Claus Ainārs Ašaks has been the most popular celebrity, prominence, high state institution and VIP Salad or Santa Claus in Latvia for many years.

Santa Claus Ainars Ashaks began to feel in this image as far back as 1978, being a 2nd year student at the Riga School of Culture and Education. From that time until now, Ainārs dresses Santa Claus or, as he said earlier, in Salatēva’s costume at the end of the year, and visits the children. In recent years, the demand for entertaining adults with jokes, songs and competitions has also increased.

Santa Claus Ainars Ashaks was the assistant and main assistant to the World’s Chief Santa Claus from Lapland, Finland, who visited us for several years in Latvia (photo gallery).