Hockey Legend

Latvian hockey legend, former Riga Dinamo captain Sandis Ozoliņš (42) was still at the crossroads of life this spring, when a serious decision about the future had to be made. At the end of his career, he also refused to get involved in politics. In recent months, Ozoliņš has literally flourished and is going out in the company of beautiful ladies. While attending the festive concert at the Latvian National Theater, Ozoliņš had a beautiful bank employee, model Samanta Priedīte, by his side.

On the evening of November 18, Sandis Ozoliņš and Samanta Priedīte came to the concert of the festive festival of the Latvian National Theater, joined hands and smiled. Noticing the cameras aimed at them, they both saw and began to smile even more. Sandis manly opened the front door of the theater to his beautiful companion. Later, after getting rid of the outerwear, the couple went to the lodge, where they settled down comfortably to watch the festive concert. While waiting for the concert to start, they kept chirping, looking at each other and smiling again. It should be added that last year Ozoliņš also watched a solemn concert dedicated to the anniversary of the declaration of Latvia’s independence in this theater and lodge, only at that time he was still with the former TV face Anna Lieckalniņš.