Lease Agreements

From the beginning, she thought that it was necessary to conclude lease agreements for the property and enter it in the land register. Then, during a phone call, she said that I had to sign a fictitious loan agreement that she would lend me 30 thousand, then she would be able to register a mortgage on my property and no one would be able to do anything because her mortgage would be ahead. A notary, the same one who signed the power of attorney, came to me. I did not answer her. It was so weird. I began to wonder how it would be then.

The next day, notary Inga Dreimane arrived, I read it on the loan agreement and the request for confirmation in the land register. I somehow didn’t like it. I didn’t want to sign. The notary encouraged me, saying that she just wants to help me, let’s hope she will be honest. Well, that kind of encouragement I also signed. While still leaving, the notary said – if anything, look for me. Reassured me not to worry. Then Liene Kaimiņa registered the mortgage and continued to operate. But then I already felt that she started not listening to me and acting on her head. Of course, I hoped that everything would be fine.