Deputy Chief

D. Lasmane has stated that the KNAB has said that nothing has been requested and “blatant” from the cemetery wardens, but at the same time admitted that even the former Deputy Chief of V. Vike-Freiberga’s Chancellor Juris Ruško has been involved in clarifying this issue. The case of the former president’s “privileged” watch has already been sufficiently informed. The case has now been referred back to the KNAB by the Prosecutor General’s Office for a new inspection.

According to D. Lasmane’s version, she had addressed J. Ruško with a “question” about the cemetery at the “request” of V. Vīķe-Freiberga – the former president has stated that he was the one who dealt with the grave issues. According to D. Lasmane, the former “case manager” of the President’s Chancellery has answered that he does not really remember such a case and that perhaps such an issue has been resolved with the Riga City Council, but the decision has not been made.