Liene Greifane

The popular singer LieneCandy or Liene Greifāne came to the epicenter of the scandal in March, when the fact about her driving under the influence was revealed, due to which the lady was banned from driving. Although Candy vehemently denied this fact at the time, the Press Club of his channel RīgaTV24 has now admitted that it really was and revealed the details of the event – the portal Delfi has researched.

At the October 16 Press Club, Liene finally enlightened the people about what really happens with her driving. She reveals that she started learning to drive a car already in 2004 or 2005 and remembers that in order to pass a medical examination, she had to “pay 10 lats, show breathing and show which side to cut the doll to”. She doesn’t remember anyone checking her eyesight or anything else.