First Song

n to the stage around midnight, but the artist had apparently started to warm up for the event much earlier, because he could not sing the planned program this time.

The artist has dealt with the first song quite acceptable, but then the pigments started – Kivičs started shouting into the microphone, so that the tuners turn up the voice and accompaniment, but a couple of times he even insisted that the tuner play the song from the disc again from the beginning.

When he was not really happy to agree with the tuner, Kivičs cut the cord to the microphone and tried to sing without it, because, as the intoxicated singer himself explained, otherwise he would not hear himself.

Also, during her performance, the singer not only scattered reflections on God, events in Ukraine and other serious topics, but also managed to get to the crutch, which he borrowed from an injured concert attendee – armed with it, he limped on stage …

The organizers of this event are tired , and after Kiivič cut the microphone cord for the second time, he was taken away from the stage. True, the artist himself was moderately dissatisfied with what was happening and did not really understand why the performance was stopped.