Baltic Screen

Already on Tuesday, September 2, the book “Grābeklis” by L. Lapsa and K. Jančevska, published by the publishing house “Baltic Screen” in cooperation with the publishing house “Atēna”, will arrive in bookstores.

Thanks to the authors, we are already publishing a small, spicy excerpt from the book:
“On July 8, 2003, the inauguration party of Vaira Vike-Freiberga’s second presidency will take place in Rundāle Castle. Almost a thousand guests will arrive. Champagne will float. Everything is sublime and beautiful. Almost everything.

In the general slightly stiff – as it should be in such events – one character stands out brightly. This is Prime Minister Einars Repše, who became the head of government eight months earlier, on November 7, 2002. And not because he already has the famous striped leather suit on his back – there are still a few years left. No, even a blind person would notice that the head of government suddenly hit a particularly vulnerable place with the arrow of Cupid – or rather even the entire contents of the arrow wallet.