Constitutional Judge

The new president – a toothless, old yahoo with a messy privacy – PHOTO
Foreign media are mocking the new President of Latvia Andris Bērziņš.

Zatlers’ sons are crying for their father’s failure; In the photo session for VIPs Lilita and Valda’s family
BLAUBUKI has taken the baby home
ROBERTO embarrassed by the title of “main drinker of the event” (VIPiTv VIDEO)
Viesturs Dūle throws Ēķi and LNT in anger – will no longer control anything on this television – PHOTO
The scandalous Constitutional Judge Vineta Muižniece has shown her beautiful daughter
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“The joke came up again: Bērziņš had ‘seven’ sons, Ē, seven ‘sons, neither they ate, nor drank, nor do they know who the father is.”

66-year-old pensioner from the countryside. He has not been able to organize his own private life or even his teeth … – see the photo gallery.

At a time when Latvia would need a 40/45-year-old with giant working capacity – good-looking both internally and externally; with foreign policy relations in the work of the President of the State … – the state has met an old, toothless peasant with unknown sons and daughters, women alimony payers to keep quiet …

In turn, she lives in a civil marriage with a doctor under the age of 30, who is abnormally hidden from everyone – read more here

All of the above accusations are heard in the domestic and foreign media – very often in the form of ridicule and severe irony.

“Can a millionaire without teeth and a spiritual beggar really be the president of Latvia?” – asks journalist Sandra Weinberg in the Swedish press.

Publicist Lato Lapsa, who has been writing a book about this subject for a week, is even more ironic: “Do you really think that Latvia needs one educated, intellectual, public-speaking person with a posture and normal teeth in his mouth, as everyone here says?”

And what do you think?

By the way, several readers of have informed that another daughter Bērziņš is from cohabitation or a relationship with a lawyer currently practicing individually. It is enough for this lawyer to state that he is not ready to provide any comments on this topic yet …

SEX scenes in feature films

Mrs. President Bērziņš is 30 years younger, and the child was conceived during the massage

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If he has a chaotic personal life, then it will also lead the country. That’s how we want it.
the title says it all, but it was worth adding the word affairist
Well moins!
Whatever I think of the new president (I’m against his election for all the “above” reasons), but mock his teeth ?? Come on !!

From the pictures it can be said that at best the teeth are crooked. During his years, no one definitely walks with braces, so this issue is not worth discussing.
Teeth like teeth, all in their places!
vnk he also wants to provide for himself in this poor country, with free benefits at a deep age – a free apartment, a secretary, etc. shoulders, who then also produce their added value …..
A parody of each zinjaa, 4 years shameejais head of state buus, foremost dirsaaa …
I call it cattle marriage. I don’t see anything bad, but not for the president. Public figures must be impeccable, this is the heavy burden of popularity.

every effort has been made to shame Latvia at the international level and to show who is the determinant here

a really good joke from the peasant roof. Only one of the sung brothers Ilmārs could be smeared with such fruit
old old man, for whom no position is too great – as the hut will say, it will be.
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this comment to those who say that it is better for the rich in power than the poor!
Note, the rich have no limit to wealth, they take, take, take …

chingacguks 6/10/2011 7:14 AM
Then we put Leščinski – young, with teeth, all children only from Inese! 🙂

snabs chingacguks 11.06.2011 12:18
Are you sure?????
Not ONLY … Looking for his youth in foreign epic times …
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As I say all the time — do we really deserve an uncle to be president (though I am 50)?
Well yeah, a young puppy like this half-aunt’s aunts would definitely go better at heart.
I agree wannabe 6/10/2011 3:35 AM
It must stop being its presidents and gentlemen and showing off foreign feathers for the people’s money. I don’t need a president!
well, the mockery of those teeth is simply low.
But in principle, I believe that the election of Bērziņš is a mockery of politicians for the people!

The article is terrifying and, as always, there is no author under such fantastic spirits! Lohi: D

PS I don’t like the new president either!
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Sorry article !!!
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the manor is a cemetery!
birch is a sperm …….
Teeth and mouth are a HUMAN business card. It is unpleasant that a smelly mouth speaks in public, especially if the accounts are hundreds of thousands of lats, as it is for Bērziņš and Dolgopolov.