Serious Accident

On Wednesday, July 16, four people were killed in a serious accident on the Tallinn highway after 1 p.m., and a nine-year-old child was taken to hospital after the collision.

The collision took place between a Ford SUV and a truck on the 41st kilometer of the highway.

Preliminary information at the disposal of the police shows that the SUV did not start the truck driving on the main road at the intersection of the highway Limbaži-Dūči, but the exact circumstances of the incident will be clarified during the investigation.

Four people in a SUV – two men and two women – were killed, but a nine-year-old child was taken to hospital. The injuries sustained by the lorry driver were insignificant and he did not require medical attention.

Traffic is temporarily restricted at the scene, but will be resumed soon.

This year, a total of 95 people have died in road traffic accidents, which is 13 more than in the same period last year.

The State Police has published a photo of the scene