Lenvija – outwardly calm, but tense, Andris – a bit distracted and happy. In October 2012, Andris Bērziņš celebrated his 60th anniversary on a large scale, which was connected with the sixth studio of Daile Theater, a book just written by his wife Lenvija. A parallel past for the opening ceremony. Of course, the brilliant Daile Theater actor Andris was one of the heroes of this book. During the day, Lenvijs was surrounded by journalists, but in the evening after the show, Andris was already dancing with another woman – a woman in a red velvet dress. Danced long and passionately. Lenvie was watching Andrew’s entertainment with a stranger in the distance. Tables or fractures of goodness. But Lenvie didn’t want anything. She just looked at her husband. Looked and did not understand what was happening. Although he realized: the beautiful, filled mug was broken. Andris went with another. At first it seemed that the although it will be the same as always. Now it doesn’t seem anymore: for almost two years now, Lenvija and Andris have been talking only with the help of the press, although Lenvija says: “I want to talk to Andris in pairs or in the presence of a lawyer.” But it’s impossible: his girlfriend Inese doesn’t seem to even allow the idea that he could talk to his wife.