Warning Letter

The editorial office of Vipi.lv has received a very serious warning letter together with photos about the actions of the handsome singer towards the representatives of the fair sex. Given the materials attached to the shipment and the seriousness of the situation, we decided to publish all of these materials to possibly alert those women who have not yet caught on to John Moise’s bait.

We invite girls to watch out!

Moise writes dating invitations to everyone, and it’s not just about one-night communication. He meets all the girls as long as
he pulls her into bed.

Some excerpts:

He tells the girls that he meets only his only one, adores only him and that he wants to try and go for something very serious.
He takes the girls to him and seduces him
, obtained and then not written for several days, in the meantime meeting with others.

He keeps the girls in reserve. It’s all very low.

Where exactly does Moise take his girls, what “weapons” are used, what words and lies are written, and what miracles are promised to sleep, as well as what interesting foreplay