Positivus Festival

This year, there were also several fights at the Positivus festival – a girl had a broken nose, a young man from a neighboring country had defeated an unknown attacker in a tent city, and the exchange of names of two domestic young people ended with a broken jaw. According to unofficial information at the disposal of the magazine “Vakara Ziņas”, one of the participants in the last incident was Artūrs, the son of the popular singer Andris Danilenko.

He has had a relationship with Beata Vīksniņš for a long time, and says that it was because of the girl that Danilenko had an affair with another visitor of the festival during the festival. True, the opponent turned out to be a little superior, and the doctor with a jaw fracture was taken to the hospital in Valmiera by a doctor.

It has already been reported that drug users and possibly traffickers were also detained at the Positivus festival.