Krišjānis, the son of the poet Jānis Peters, who has always been in disproportionately high positions for incomprehensible reasons, could not be included in this species. It should be remembered that during the heyday of the bulldozer Ainars Slesers, his party member Peters managed to sit both in the chair of the Minister of Transport and in the well-paid bench of the Chairman of the Board of Riga Airport.

After being expelled from there, nothing had been heard about Krišjānis Peter for some time, so his appearance at the council meeting seemed rather strange. It turns out that it is strange – Peters has long been quietly and township as an adviser to the director of the City Council Traffic Department.

In the annual declaration of a state official, he has indicated that he received 15,364 lats for this work last year, ie around 1,280 lats “on paper”! In addition, the poet’s son also “fed” in the municipal company “Rīgas ūdens” – a mystical “company contract” gave him 10,500 lats a year, but the marketing director’s chair in the still non-functioning drinking water production substructure “Aqua Riga” – 4049 lats.

Krišjānis Peters first of all attracted the sights with his innovative hairstyle, which led many to ask if he was really the former Minister of Transport. He spent time with another “former” – former head of the LTV News Service Marek Gailitis, who has been on the Andra Amerika team for a long time – Gailitis is an adviser to the deputy mayor.