High Council Official

The KNAB’s inspection, which in fact fully confirmed the sequence of facts mentioned in the publication of 10 January this year, also revealed a number of significant details that demonstrate how informal contacts and the practice of “telephone rights” since the Soviet era have circumvention and simple disregard. Former head of the Chancellery of the President Gundars Daudze and a number of officials of the Riga City Council have also been involved in this “settlement”.

V. Bisenieks KNAB has provided explanations that Anatolijs Aleksejenko, the director of the Housing and Environment Department of the Riga City Council, has simply informed him by phone that the former President is “necessary” to find a grave in the Riga I Forest Cemetery. Only after V. Bisenieks informed the high council official that he would not look for such a cemetery without a written order, a relevant document was received from the department.