Harmful Habits

In the photo gallery of Jānis Straume ‘s harmful habits – the relationship with alcohol, cigarettes and pipes is really close to the politician.

Jānis Straume has always been called Baku in VIP lounges.

For reference:

Former Speaker of the Saeima, his father Jānis Straume, was caught in Tukums this week while driving under the influence of alcohol, and is currently serving an administrative sentence in a temporary detention facility in Jūrmala, the portal Pietiek.com reports .

No formal confirmation has been received, but informed sources in the home affairs bodies confirm that this information is true.

It is not known how strong Straume was behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. However, judging by the information available to Pietiek.com that he was sentenced to 10 days administrative penalty, the intoxication could have been at least 1 to 1.5 per mille.

Straume was the Speaker of the Parliament during the 7th Saeima from November 3, 1998 to November 5, 2002. Straume’s political career ended in 2006 with his non-election to the 9th Saeima. It is believed that the voters punished him for the so-called Jūrmalgeita scandal, where Straume played under the nickname Baķka.

Born in 1962, Straume was one of the patriotic leaders for many years. He became involved in politics already during the Awakening in 1988, starting with the Helsinki-86 movement. Later he worked in the Latvian National Independence Movement (LNNK), the Citizens’ Congress and the Union for the Fatherland and Freedom. Straume has been elected to the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Saeima from the Union for Fatherland and Freedom / LNNK.