University Clinic

The University Clinic in Düsseldorf has confirmed that Lubics will see doctors and was examined as a patient in February, the last time he visited doctors on March 10, reports RIA Novosti.

Representatives of the clinic informed the media that Lubica’s medical card had been handed over to investigators, but stated that “it cannot be confirmed that Lubics was treated for depression in our clinic”.

“Following a statement by a French official that the co-pilot had deliberately caused the accident and a request to the Düsseldorf prosecutor to open an investigation, the Düsseldorf police arrived here. Together with five investigators, we have searched for an explanation as to why the pilot might have done so, ”said Mark Neshcher, a police spokesman.

During the raid, a perhaps very important document was found – a torn sick page, which, according to everything, Lubics hid from his employer and colleagues. It also covered the time of the plane crash, and if he had filed it, he would have been barred from flying.