Moral Weakness

The book “Our History: 1985 – 2005” (Part 2) describes in detail what the Minister, who is now a Member of the Saeima and also the Secretary of the Parliament, has complained about. According to Rasnača’s application, his wife, with rhubarb stalks about 40 centimeters long, hit him in the neck and face, “proving his hatred and moral weakness“.

At the beginning, the Minister did not resist and simply counted the blows out loud … After that, the rhubarb broke down, and the wife continued to hit him with his hands on his head and kick him in the crotch.

Rasnačs further told the police: “This is how I endured until the tenth, eleventh time, when the pain and humiliation in front of the children were no longer tolerable, and I tried to hold her hands. Although I succeeded, she began to kick me even more actively in the crotch. The children shouted and saw all this terrible scene. When the number of strokes counted was well over twenty, I thought it was necessary to do something with the woman who was in hysteria and eclipse.