Experienced Pilot-Instructor Killed In Plane Crash In Liepaja

Experienced Pilot-Instructor Killed In Plane Crash In Liepaja

Today, a plane crash occurred at Liepāja Airport and the pilot of the aircraft, Gints Bubiers, died. The police have started criminal proceedings – the portal IrLiepaja.lv reports

The plane has landed in the airport territory, it has been approved for the portal by Agris Sprūde, a member of the board of SIA “Aviasabiedrība” Liepāja “”.

According to a resident of Cimdenieki, the civilian training plane regularly performed flights over the surrounding area. “The pilot used to turn off the engine and dive upright, then started the engine again and took to the air. This time I only saw the plane dive in silence, but it didn’t take off at the top.” The woman also heard a muffled noise, which was apparently caused by the aircraft hitting the ground.

Information provided by the police about this incident: This afternoon, May 8, a civilian plane crashed at Liepāja Airport, the pilot died in the accident.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated by the police for the incident, all the circumstances of the accident will be explained.

The Civil Aviation Agency has been notified of the incident.

Gints Bubiers is a sports aviation pilot, founder and manager of Kurzeme Business Incubator (KBI) companies “Flights Unlimited” and “Avio Baltica”, organizer of Riga air festival.

As the head of the Civil Aviation Agency Maris Gorodcovs informed the business portal “Nozare.lv”, the acrobatic aircraft that crashed into the air today has acrobatic maneuvers. The pilot was a flight instructor. Before the accident, he flew with a passenger he later released at the airport and continued to perform maneuvers himself, during which the plane also crashed.

Gorodtsov refrained from commenting on why the accident happened, as it was too early to judge, but he acknowledged that acrobatic maneuvers could happen in any way.

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