Daina Skadmane

young, talented and promising artist Daina Skadmane, who visited the store together with her father, died at the age of 23 in the Zolitude tragedy in MAXIMA on Thursday. Dad also died.

The young woman studied environmental art at the Latvian Academy of Arts.

Daina’s brother, head of the Latvian-British Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom, Marcis Liors Skadmanis describes his sister as a talented artist. She has had several solo exhibitions and many works have traveled to several countries around the world.

“As the person who lost two family members in this tragedy – Father Jānis Skadmanis and Sister Daina Skadmanis – I can say that everyone in my family is experiencing the pain, sorrow and anger that every victim’s family has to deal with right now. We are still shocked, but We hope that our loved ones are in the best place now – in eternal peace and blessed by God, “Skadmanis told the portal Delfi.lv.

The sister was a young and brave personality who was taken from the family only at the age of 23. She is a talented artist with experience in several solo exhibitions. Several of her works have traveled to various parts of the world. She enthusiastically participated in art-related competitions, including the 2014 Riga Christmas Tree Competition with her work “Christmas Tree in the Wind”.

“Currently, I can only hope that Riga City Council will keep its name and install a Christmas tree installation designed by Daina, so that this art installation will serve not only to remember Daina, but also to other victims of the November 21 tragedy. As a memorial,” the man told reporters.

The editorial staff of the portal Vipi.lv expresses its condolences to the Skadmani family and relatives.