Wide Resonance

The public is outraged. Some time ago, the case when the Talsi police unit chased an offender, but did
not detain him, caused a wide resonance . The police on the Talsi side failed to stop the fugitive for a long time and they decided not to involve additional forces, but to throw the plinth into the bushes …

This weekend, an armed robber who drives a stolen car crashes in Rēzekne after chasing. The police allegedly detain him, but he is so refined that he gets into the ambulance and drives it away. Later, the police themselves helplessly shoot their own car, but the refugee escapes with it.

Some questions arise. Did the police crew act responsibly and professionally? Doesn’t “nothing like this” really happen in Rēzekne region and the operatives are not ready for it at all? Can we feel safe in a country where one bandit is smarter, smarter and more cunning than two armed and trained law enforcement officers?